What Could You Achieve With The Help Of A Life Coach?

I believe taking the decision to work with a Life Coach, for whatever reason, is an incredibly empowering and, sometimes, bravest decision you can make.  It’s the START of the journey to a DESTINATION that you want to arrive at!  And that's what a coach does: they help and support you, to get from where you are to where you want to be.


By deciding to work with a coach, you’ve already given yourself permission to change something, improve something or achieve something - you care enough about ‘it’ to seek help and support to assist you. You’re determined enough to make sure you equip yourself as best as you can and give yourself every chance to succeed.



I’ve been asked numerous times what coaching is all about?  Or, why would coaching be good for me?  I think, one of the best ways to explain about coaching, is to give a brief insight into my own experiences of being coached.



As a result of being coached myself, I’ve been able to achieve things that I would still be thinking about doing now!  We all do it… put things off, delay taking (sometimes, very important) actions and decisions – there is always tomorrow!  However, by continually putting things off, I’d become more and more frustrated and sometimes quite downbeat, that I wasn’t making progress. I’d often feel that I had so much to do, so many things to think about, that this often left me feeling quite overwhelmed… being coached allowed me to focus on one thing at a time.



During typical coaching sessions, my coach would facilitate dedicated time to talk through and explore what it was that I wanted to achieve, whilst reconfirming my motivation and commitment to myself.  Examining the things and ‘stuff’, which were getting in the way of me being able to move forward, enabled me to gain clarity and awareness of my current situation. This was a very powerful thing and made me reconnect with things I may have forgotten or things I could learn from previous, similar experiences.



I realised how resourceful and surprisingly creative I was able to be, when focusing on the potential ways I could help myself to get closer to my aim.  Having generated quite a lengthy list of potential actions, I was able to select the ones that I wanted to take, whilst making sure I knew exactly why and how I was going to carry out my actions. 



Whilst being excited to take the actions I had committed to, I personally also liked the accountability that working with my coach gave me: being able to ‘report back’ at the next session was an extremely rewarding experience for me.



I realised that I couldn't achieve and do everything... but since working with a coach, I've been able to tick quite a few very satisfying things off my list!


What could you achieve with the help and support of a coach?






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