Career Coaching

* Are you stuck not knowing which direction to go in? *      * Are you bored with you job? *


* Are you not enjoying your job? *    * Are you not sure what your next career move will be? *


* Are you looking for that ideal job?*   * Do you want a career change but don't know what? *


* Are you deciding which course/education path to do? *



My Career Coaching programs will enable you to gain clarity of your current situation and enable you to make more informed and decisive decisions relating to your career.


My 1-2-1 sessions aim to achieve the following;


  • Perform a career / education audit (review your career to date)
  • Enable you to focus on moving towards a job role or education choice that will match with your values and beliefs
  • Identify your strengths / skills and identify personal growth and development opportunities
  • Create an action plan to enable you to ‘positively’ move forward
  • Provide the tailored motivation and accountability that suits you.


Contact me to discuss further or arrange a free introductory session.