Men's Healthier Lifestyle Program

As a man, I appreciate more than anyone that when it comes to loosing weight, or gaining a healthier lifestyle, there are not many options available that are suitable and welcoming for men. 


I firmly believe that weight loss programs such as those provided by the Weight Watchers and Slimming World organisations provide fantastic products - food plans/systems/rules and their own branded meals and drinks that bring calorie intake under control.  They even provide ways to incentivise you to perform exercise, to burn calories to enable rewarding yourself with extra treats! 


But, for a lot of people and I speak specifically for men, I feel that these plans are only the start of being able to loose weight and more importantly help you to maintain a healthier 'fulfilling' lifestyle .


I've been fortunate to have watched two male friends embark on journey's to loose weight - these two men have inspired me greatly, both facing what would have no doubt at times, have been very overwhelming experiences.  I am so pleased to write that both these men have not only maintained healthier weights but they both now lead more balanced, active and happier lives. 


I've spent time speaking and reviewing the journey's that my two friends took and picked up on some common themes:


- They had very specific reasons ('whys') to loose weight

- They both put themselves in challenging situations, outside their comfort zone.

- They needed to be held accountable.

- They surrounded themselves with lots of supporting people.

- They accepted that it was not just about weight loss, it was a life changing experience for them.


The popular weight loss programs I mentioned above are for both women and men, though compared to the number of female members of these schemes, male membership is very low.  Both my male friends did attend one of these schemes' weekly meetings and they both confirmed that they very female dominated environments.  Neither of my friends would to stay very long at the meetings, once they had been weighed and received their 'Super Star' stickers/fridge magnets, they would make a sharp exit - therefore only using the meeting as a point of accountability and to collect useful resources.


I feel coaching can be a fantastic tool to assist men (and women!) to loose weight, so much so that I've created a program specifically to aid people to loose weight, though the focus is on gaining a healthier lifestyle.


My Men's Healthier Lifestyle Program provides the following:


  •  1-2-1 Coaching Sessions: - Coaching session with me lasting for 45 - 60 minutes.
  • Establish Goals: - My coaching will encourage my clients to set long term and short term goals associated with their ultimate goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle.
  • Holistic Approach: - What else is happening in your life that's impacting your relationship with food or your ability to exercise?
  • Motivation To Take 'Positive' Action!: - Taking action, steps or movement towards a goal is not only satisfying but, it's hugely motivational.
  • Accountability: - Yes, I will help my clients to track weight loss but, I'll also work with my clients to identify and track other factors in their life's related to things like exercise performed, calorie 'loaded' and healthy food and drink consumed, how my clients are feeling (e.g. moods etc)


  • Support: - Not only will I be your Coach, I provide tailored support to all my clients between their sessions.  My clients are NOT on there own!


To find our more information please contact me.