Small Business Support Coaching

I work and support people who run their businesses very much on their own.


People who need to 'wear lots of different hats' and 'spin lots of plates' at the same time, as part of running their businesses.


One minute your doing sales.... next minute invoicing... then social media marketing, networking and don't forget to actually provide your service and create your product!


It can be very lonely - a lot of my clients run their businesses from their homes or in an office of 'one'.


Why do my clients work with me? 


 My coaching partnerships allow me to provide valuable support to my clients to run and grow their businesses.   


I provide my clients with:


- Support, encouragement and accountability

- Help them to identify, plan and work towards business goals

- Support them through business challenges and big decisions

- Assist them to identify solutions / opportunities / improvements

- Provide them with a 'sounding board', someone to bounce ideas off

- Introduce them to new and different perspectives

- Provide them with challenges that encourage them and their businesses to grow

- Support them to find a work / life balance


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