Working With Me

The coaching relationship is essential.


It's important to ensure that I am the right Coach for you and you are the right Coaching client for me.


The best way to do this is to contact me and lets have an initial chat - if you are interested in working with me and I feel that we could do some fantastic work together then I'll offer you a gift!.... a coaching session with me. 


This will allow you to decide if you want to commit to working with me and do some fabulous and exciting work together.

How coaching with me works.


Of course, everyone is different and have different requirements, therefore I tailor my coaching engagements to best suit my clients.


Generally you can expect:


- An initial conversation to get to know me and an opportunity for you have a coaching conversation with me.


- Coaching sessions are usually 60-90 minutes long, in person (if location makes this possible) or via a Zoom call.


- I normally work with clients over a set period of time, usually a 4 month engagement. (with the option to renew)


- We would usually have sessions every 2-3 weeks but, with flexibility to schedule more or less sessions during the engagement.


Coaching is about moving forward, making positive changes and the most important.... taking actions


"Attitude drives actions.  Actions drive results.  Results drive lifestyles."

- Jim Rohn



If this sounds something you could be interested in - contact me and lets schedule a chat.

What Is Coaching?

 Coaching creates a safe environment that is very much focussed on moving forward.

It's conversational based and it's important to emphasize that coaches are professional, they respect confidentiality and are non-judgemental.


If you would like to understand further what coaching is (and what it's not), then you may find this 2 minute video from CoachingPartner to be very useful.