What is YP (Young People) Coaching?

My Young Person (YP) Coaching programmes can immensely benefit a Young Person in a number of positive ways!  I put together and tailor each programme to meet the unique need of the Young Person.  (that's because everyone is unique!)


Being a parent myself, I recognise that coaching helps Young People to think on their feet and to stretch their thinking abilities!  I believe that it's important to allow Young People the space and time to be able to find / workout answers for themselves and not rely on others to be told what to do. 


I aim to create and provide a safe, positive and energetic (sometime humorous!) coaching environment that is non-judgemental and ensures confidentiality. 

Whilst confidentiality is critically important to the success of a coaching session, I do encourage all my young clients to share and feedback to their parents after each session.


I currently coach Young People aged 11-21, using relevant and meaningful coaching tools.


Young People Coaching can cover a very large range of topics, including;


  • Building confidence / self-esteem
  • Career / Education planning and decisions
  • Transition from primary to secondary school (and onwards)
  • Gaining an academic and life balance
  • Reducing reliance on technology (e.g. phones/tablets/gaming)
  • Improving and developing social (interaction) skills
  • Dealing with change


Coaching can also be a valuable support to young people in addition to the support already provided by parents & family, school/college/uni and friends. 


The difference and value that coaching provides compared to these other support groups;

  • Coaching is non-judgmental
  • Coaching does not provide solutions or advice

  • Confidentially is key to ensuring the young people can be open and honest in the coaching environment

  • Encourages young people to take ownership and accountability


Coaching encourages Young People to set goals and identify the steps and strategies needed to allow them to meet their goals.  Throughout the coaching sessions, we work together to track the progress and deal head-on with the obstacles that are slowing or preventing progress.


For further information or questions regarding Young People Coaching, please contact me.